Sunday, January 3, 2010

a twist

this year i decided to do my new year's resolutions with a little bit of a twist. i've been working on my list for a while now, and i've finally got it up and running. they're more 'goals' than resolutions. some are silly, some are serious and some are just plain things on i want to try. if you're interested, you can check it out below:

welcome to my journey to the big 3-0!

about a month ago, i realized {thanks to my mom} that this coming may, i will have been out of high school for 10 years. really. that sounds super long... a lot longer than i thought it was. i keep thinking 'a few years ago, in high school' but really, it's not a few years ago anymore, is it? it's ten.

so..... with much thought... i came up with a list. a list of 30 things to do before i turn 30. then... i came upon this cute idea to chronicle my journey. {i copied one of her goals - my #2 - but i think it's a great goal for all married couples! especially the ones with kiddos!}

so, here's a picture of the cover of my book.

and here's my list. {click on it if you're interested in reading the list.}

i envision the book taking on a mind of it's own. i love to scrapbook, but sometimes i get stuck on having certain pictures fit on specific pages, etc. etc. and that stifles my creativity! sooo.... in this book, that is simply all mine - not for anyone else, all of my thoughts, notes, ideas and souveniers, i'm not going to have any rules. the idea is that it doesn't have to look pretty, so long as the fun stuff is in there. {for example, i kept my runner's bib and registration from my first 5K on my way to my 1/2 marathon - goal #1. that's all been hole-punched and stuck in there behind its own tab!}

when that fateful day comes in 27 months and 16 days, i will be ready. i will be ready with this book that i can look through and remember all of the wonderful times that i had on my journey to thirty!

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