Friday, March 30, 2012


i LOVE spring.

everything about it, i love. the budding flowers, the green on the trees, the days get longer.... i love it.

and i can FEEL the lazy days of summer coming........ i really can just feel it! can't you??

sweet girl gets in and out of the cozy coupe.

and only 'drives' backward. then she gets out, pushes it forward, gets back in only to go backward again.

have i mentioned how much i L-O-V-E love having a little girl?

she's a hoot.

he finally got fed up with the dandelion and just pulled the pieces off.

'hmmmm.... what should i do next?'

i swear i'm going to end up in the E.R. any day now.

all this boy does is jump.

ahhhh.... it feels good to blog. to document. to write.

but sometimes, i have to restrain myself from saying all that i really want to say. you know how that is, right? being PC? yup.

y'all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


these past two or so weeks have been an emotional, spiritual and physical roller coaster for me.

i'm tired. i'm exhausted. mentally i'm spent. i can't think straight or focus on any one thing right now. i'm drained. this spring forward stuff & our little bit getting FOUR teeth at the same time have almost put me over the edge.

and in the spirit of spring break, i haven't exactly 'forwarded' our schedules yet. so this morning was another lazy one for us - sleeping 'in' until 8 or so. and after the lack of sleep c. had last night i let her sleep until i heard her.

so in the stillness and quiet of my morning, still lazily laying in my bed, eyes open but so tired, i heard my phone 'ping'.

this was my email from my sweet friend that lives in georgia:

PLEASE stop what you are doing and download on itunes....

Bethel- The Loft Sessions - COME TO ME

You will be blessed.  Sit. Drink coffee and just close your eyes and have 5 minutes.  It is JESUS calling in song.

so i did.

and boy was she right.

tears rolled down my cheeks as i took deep breath after deep breath.

my heartache over a situation that has been prayed over for 10 years subsided as i gently turned it over, once again, to my Lord.

my mind numbing exhaustion due to constant crying subsided.

my worry, hurt and desire for control in the campaign was lifted.

i was blessed. by the Truth and Power of Jesus Christ.

and i hope you will be too.

have a great tuesday.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

spring is coming.

during this unseasonably warm "winter", we've been spending many afternoons in our back yard. we are still getting the hang of things in our new 'spot' - where the 'muddy' spots are, where cinder blocks are placed strategically to keep the dog inside the yard, etc. - but that stuff isn't slowing my two muffins down from enjoying yelling, throwing, running and jumping.

i love the lil' miss thinks brady hung. the. moon.

she wants to be right where he is all the time. i know that this too shall pass and one day it will be her daddy that hung the moon and then long after that she will think a new boy will have hung the moon. so i like to capture every moment i can of the two of them.

miss sassafrass. she's so girlie. i love it.

b. found the cinder blocks. perfect for climbing on. {and ending up the emergency room...}

are you enjoying the spring weather???????