Friday, November 25, 2011


it's been a little over month since we made the big move.

i guess you could actually say the "little" move since it wasn't really that big of a deal, we moved 15 miles and our lives pretty much go the same way they did prior. so - yeah - it's a 'little' move.

nothing makes a new house MORE like home than decorating for christmas. i LOVE decorating for christmas. love. it.

 i pretty much decorate all month long. move stuff around. add ornaments. take away ornaments. etc. etc.

and i have loved seeing how all of my 'stuff and fluff' will work in our new space.

i added a few new ornaments this year to our tree.

it's a bit 'out of the box' for my old fashioned christmas tree. but {can i share this?} i LOVE it.

hot pink. turqoise. silver AND {dare i say it?} gold!

jeff told me he feels like we're having christmas in hawaii.

i told him that it's my favorite.


what does your christmas tree look like?

{PS - did i mention that my camera is broken? yup. during christmas season. but there is good news - it's in the shop and will be fixed next week! yay!!! so don't judge my flash-filled photos over the next two weeks!!}

Thursday, November 24, 2011


today, i'm thankful.

as many people across the nation are. or are trying to be.

i'm thankful for a husband who isn't afraid to follow God's call on our lives. who loves me. and our kids. who is willing to spend thanksgiving with my family. for his family who understands. a husband who makes my family his family and for in laws that love me and my kids as their own.

yes, i'm thankful.

i'm thankful for healthy kids. not in the runny nose department.... but in the major 'health' department. no known disabilities {although we think the bug just MIGHT be a lefty...}. no allergies. no learning disabilities. nothing. so very thankful today for that.

i'm thankful.

thankful for my parents. for parents who are still together after 30 years of marriage. who not only tolerate each other - but love each other. that kind of deep, lasting love. i'm thankful for parents who pray for me. for my family. for my marriage... for my children. thankful for parents who encourage, listen and advise.

i'm thankful.

thankful for dear friends who support me. lift me up when i am low. encourage me. pray for me. check on me. listen to me. challenge me. i'm so thankful for them.

i'm thankful.

most of all, though, i'm thankful for a loving God. i'm thankful that the Lord felt it necessary to call us - at this time - to this life. for a Lord that doesn't promise happiness and comfort, but peace that passes all understanding and love that never ends... and eternal life. for a Heavenly Father who sent His one and only son to die on the cross for me. and you. so that i may spend eternity with Him. it's unfathomable.

but He did that.

and i'm thankful.

i hope each of you have a wonderful thanksgiving holiday today with your family and friends.

choose to be thankful today.