Friday, November 25, 2011


it's been a little over month since we made the big move.

i guess you could actually say the "little" move since it wasn't really that big of a deal, we moved 15 miles and our lives pretty much go the same way they did prior. so - yeah - it's a 'little' move.

nothing makes a new house MORE like home than decorating for christmas. i LOVE decorating for christmas. love. it.

 i pretty much decorate all month long. move stuff around. add ornaments. take away ornaments. etc. etc.

and i have loved seeing how all of my 'stuff and fluff' will work in our new space.

i added a few new ornaments this year to our tree.

it's a bit 'out of the box' for my old fashioned christmas tree. but {can i share this?} i LOVE it.

hot pink. turqoise. silver AND {dare i say it?} gold!

jeff told me he feels like we're having christmas in hawaii.

i told him that it's my favorite.


what does your christmas tree look like?

{PS - did i mention that my camera is broken? yup. during christmas season. but there is good news - it's in the shop and will be fixed next week! yay!!! so don't judge my flash-filled photos over the next two weeks!!}

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