Friday, May 10, 2013


yes, we are alive.

the last five weeks have been absolutely insane.

clean. laundry. pack. drive. play. pack. drive. unpack. laundry. 


we've been living out of suitcases for the past five weeks. lots of {fun} trips. seeing family, daddy, friends, etc. 

and now we're back. {missing daddy, but we are back!}

and it has reeked havoc on our little nest. 

so i've been trying to make my way through the tornado of clothes, unwashed sheets & such. 

bringing out our "spring" clothes and attempting to put up winter, only to have a cold snap again, has NOT helped. 

and giving away tons of stuff in an effort to spring clean & declutter the excess in our lives.

i cannot wait to tell you all that the Lord has been showing me. or, should i say "not" showing me.... 

either way, i'm still in processing mode. all of these new & fresh ideas and convictions swirling around in my brain. all while "needing" to buy a house and trying to keep it all in perspective. it's hard to do in the american culture. AND when we're trying to figure out what the Lord may have planned years down the road for our family.

again, processing. 

and the session pushes on. little by little, we are creeping slowly toward the finish line. and we are excited. we're in countdown mode. and hopefully daddy will really come home when the countdown is over. and we won't have a special session. 

oh, please, Lord. we need daddy home - at least for a while. 

i'm excited to be back on the blogosphere. 

praying about some changes here. and in my little business. 

making sure that family {and household duties} come first. that's really really hard for me. to slow down on the business side of things - just when i feel like i'm gaining momentum. 

but He is bigger than a little momentum. He is greater & wider & stronger than i ever will be - and He has plans for me. and letting go of my little business & my money enables Him to work through it. He can take it where He wants it. and if that is to remain steady, that is great. 

slowing down. 

taking deep breaths. 

living one day at a time.

i heard a quote last night at a dinner i attended with some friends. 

"live like Christ died yesterday, rose again this morning, and is coming back tomorrow." - martin luther.


that changes my perspective. {i wish it changed my thoughts on laundry, but it just keeps coming}. 

today i will honor Him with my actions. my patience toward my children {deep breaths} and serving my husband {from afar}. He has been faithful to me, and i want to be a good steward with what He has given me - my children & my husband being the first and foremost of those. 

ahhhh.... i could write forever now that i finally sat down.

but i won't bore you.

here are a few insty's from the last few weeks. happy weekend!

30 day shred. kill me now.

sweet muffin.

isaiah 58. read it.

hill country. 

children's museum in austin. ginormous light bright.

ice cream break with daddy. they are at the age that they think THEY are the star when they walk on the house floor. i LOVE that for them. b. was telling me "how to get there" as we were walking through the capitol. like, "mom, i've done this before. follow me." 

a little cinco de mayo at hula hut. our fave.

sic 'em.

i toured the children's advocacy center last week. it broke my heart & amazed me at the same time. these people are salt of the earth. the God stories gave me goosebumps, and i will share them next week. the Lord is changing hearts in our church & in our community. He is stirring something big, and i just want to be willing. thankful to be a small part of His plan. {and will be even MORE thankful when He finally shows me what that plan might be!!!}

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