Thursday, March 3, 2011


that's where we've been.


and it was nice. so nice, in fact, that i really didn't even want to come back.

to reality.

oh yes, i'm a bad mommy, i know. not wanting to come back.

i did want to come back and get some really good cuddle time in as well as a few kisses... but then i wanted to go back.

i guess being a grandparent IS all that it's cracked up to be? right?


back to being away.

a few weeks ago... the hubbs came home & told me that he was taking me outta here. what? for no reason? yup. {well, kinda...}

first up?

a pit stop in marble falls.

a cool, little town.

it was truly the nicest holiday inn i've ever stayed at. seriously. if you have to make a pit stop... stop here. it was clean AND pretty. {and it smelled great}.

oh yeah - and we woke up saturday morning with this view of the hill country.

ahhhh..... doesn't it just make you feel good?


friday night we ate late-night-style at the chili's in town. chips & queso. yum. and it was 11:00 p.m. when we got there. but there were no littles! so we could. and we did.

and it was awesome.


so good. it was one of those places that you seriously think about having a piece of pie for dessert. at 10 in the morning. wow.

then we took off for our next destination.

not before stopping in a few little towns to go antiquing. and take pictures.

{can you guess why we had to take this picture? ha. the hubbs & his love for past presidents.}

we made it to fredericksburg around noon.

we ate lunch.

we checked in to our b&b {thanks for the recommendation, dave}.

it was beautiful.

& secluded.

with a hammock in the back yard.


just what the doctor ordered. no spit up or diaper genies within a 100 mile radius.

after a few {okay, several} miscelaneous purchases, we ate dinner. on a patio. listening to music.

there was music everywhere. & patios everywhere. yaya.

have you ever seen a chicken fried steak this big? i didn't think so.

THEN... for the grand finale on saturday night, we went here.

and really, it deserves it's own post. but i didn't take my camera in. because i was too busy two-steppin' with my hubby. and listening to rosie flores.  who is awesome. and is older than our parents.

i took a video. but you can't see much.

we were in a different world.

first of all, there's nothing in luckenbach. just the dance hall. you'd miss it if you weren't looking for it.

we walked up around 9. there were 5 or 6 men who were probably days away from the end, no joke as old as our grandparents just having a jam session. on picnic tables. with a banjo, a harmonica & a fiddle. seriously. i felt like i was in a scene from a movie. {like crazy heart or true grit - but i've never seen either of those so i can't really say}. it was awesome.

then it was 10. and the real band started to play in the dance hall. and everyone just sorta got up and went inside. and put their drinks down and started dancing.

and not like swing-dancing-at-the-prom dancing. or i-think-i-know-how-to-do-this dancing. like, really, really dancing. these people were serious. and they didn't ever sit down. just took a break to take a sip of their beer and then go back to dancing. all ages. younger than us all the way up to WAY older than us. it was awesome.

and my hubby wasn't half bad either. i've been begging him for YEARS to take me dancing. {we went when were dating to PR's in ft. worth & he thought way less of it than i did}. we stayed for two hours. until the band took a break. i was just learning how to let him lead we were just getting the hang of it. but we.were.pooped. man, that dancing will wear you out.

so we headed home.

and slept on the most.comfortable.bed.ever. seriously. jeff told me to call and find out what kind of sheets and mattress pad they had. it was that comfy.

wow. i wrote  a lot.

more tomorrow. {or saturday, whenever i can weed my way through my laundry & dirty dishes....}

nighty night.

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