Friday, May 13, 2011

how does your garden grow?

why is it that on the days that i have prayed specifically for patience in the morning {before the day even gets going} i am tested beyond my wildest nightmares dreams?

that's how this friday is going so far. 
one thing right after another. it's almost laughable. almost, but i'm not. quite. laughing.

but these pictures i took yesterday from my beds make me HAPPY.

can you believe that god has such an imagination? i love watching flowers {and strawberries... and whatever else...} grow from a bulb to a bud to a bloom.... sometimes i think the way that my brain works {the creative way} is 'good-for-nothing'. but then i see this and think that our loving father is the creator of all imagination and beauty. how could he ever have dreamed this up? flowers that are all different. all unique. every last one.

and flowers that turn into fruit. or vegetables... or herbs. 

i mean, how can i think that creativity is good-for-nothing??


have a happy weekend! hopefully your kids are behaving {if applicable}.

excuse me while i go wrangle the supposed-to-be-napping 3 year old that i hear above me jumping on his bed.

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