Sunday, August 28, 2011


friday afternoon the hubbs called me from work with a little 'challenge'.

one of his coworkers challenged me to a cake contest. 

what? totally random. i have no idea how this even came up... especially since i'm not exactly the BEST baker... although i love to do it.... 

he sent me a picture and i said, 'absolutely!'

it was a nice break from the serious conversations taking place around here.

sunday night i got to baking. {just like me to put it off until the last minute, too...}

i made the melted ice cream cake from the cake mix doctor. 

it has given me success before... so i went with what i knew.

for the ice cream, i chose ben & jerry's half baked ice cream. {not the yogurt version}. 

yummo. i was lucky to get the whole pint in the cake before i ate it!

the recipe calls to make it a bundt cake... but i just split it up in two 9-inch pans. let it cool real good... and then went to town with the classic white icing. 

mini m&m's in the middle.

then i carefully placed the m&m's on top. i had a strategy. the hubbs kept trying to help... but he wasn't doing it carefully enough. so he took pictures. 

then i put the kit kats on the outside. they were a bit of a problem because they were slightly soft {despite being in our house for two days...} and not broken exactly straight. {ahem....}

but it worked out fine. 

j added some m&m's next to each of the kit kats on the edge. {can you tell that HE did it? he didn't pay attention to varying the colors.... and that drove me NUTS!!!} 


it was yummy. or so i'm told!

the hubbs wisked it off to work before we cut into it. probably a good thing... or at least that's what i keep telling myself.
{PS. i "won". not that everyone voted. but everyone ate it. i'm not trying to keep score or anything... but right now it's me-1/stewart-0}

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