Thursday, August 4, 2011

i have a secret.

we've been on vacation!

all week!

and it. was. fabulous.

lots of resting. and surprise, surprise... NOT a lot of reading.

this year ended up looking a LOT different for me than previous years.

but i'll talk about that later. when i get around to editing the pictures. {my most favorite part!}

right now, i'm getting ready for a shower for a sweet friend that we're having at our house tomorrow. there is lots on my list of things to do today - and here i sit, procrastinating. with my blog. my coffee. and zac brown on the today show.

regardless... i'm slow moving this morning. slightly sunburnt. slightly sore from the drive yesterday and my eyes are still slightly crossed from finishing the help yesterday in the car. {ah-mazing book... all 525 pages of it.}

so - instead of clearing my head & talking about our fun vacay, lyle style & amazing food.... i will share some pictures with you that i was completely head over heels about taking. this precious girl is a senior at pca & her mom, lisa has 'mentored' joanna & i for two years now. {do you have a mentor? do you even know what i'm talking about? i'm SO thankful to have lisa in my life to challenge my faith, my marriage & my mothering!! so UNBELIEVABLY thankful!}

anyway - camryn wanted some 'fun' pictures - and i offered to snap a few for her... being the novice photographer that i am. {which i made PERFECTLY clear!!!} i love how they turned out.

***disclaimer: i am NOT pretending to be a professional photographer, nor am i trying to be. it is a hobby... and i enjoy it. that is all. i just wanted to share these with you because i think camryn is a beautiful gril inside & out - and i am so honored to have captured that on camera!***

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