Thursday, December 1, 2011


eddie came to visit our house on friday.

eddie is an elf. one of santa's helpers.

i think this is such a 'magical' tradition. it warms my heart when i hear brady talking to eddie. i love his sweet imagination.

eddie visits us every morning from now until christmas. {in case you didn't know how it works}. 

every night he goes to see santa at the north pole to report on how the kids are doing.

i'd be lying if i said that i haven't used eddie once or twice in the last week.

"eddie's watching, brady."

"what will eddie tell santa tonight?"

"i wonder if eddie will be able to come back tomorrow."

he's 3 1/2.

a dear, sweet boy with a tender heart and a listening ear. but come on, he's a boy.


so, i use what works. 

regardless of how dumb or silly the tradition is.

i don't think there's anything wrong with the tradition of santa claus.

do you?

how do you balance the fun traditions with the true traditions?

we started an advent calendar this morning. 

a meaningful christmas.

and we learned about the alpha and omega.

we have a little people nativity.

we talk about baby jesus and mary & joseph... every time we talk about santa.

b. thinks that santa is jesus's helper.... i'm ok if that's how he wants to rationalize it.

but really? what's more exciting to a 3 year old?

maybe that's my fault. maybe it's just how it is. 

but i am excited about christmas morning. 

and we have 23 more days to talk about the true meaning of christmas. 

and i'm looking forward to it.


  1. do you have a link to the family devotional??? love the new blog! glad your back!

  2. love love love the new blog. and i love love love you!!! thankful for you sweet friend.