Saturday, May 5, 2012

tee ball.

as much as it may seem like it at times, life does not stop for the campaign.

yes, we told b. that he could only choose ONE sport to play in the 'spring' - but we would have told him that anyway. especially at this age.

and he chose tee ball. yay. just what i wanted him to choose.

i played softball from age 5 to age 18. i loved every season. every. single. one.

i played every position.... except catcher, i think.

and i hope b. falls in love with a sport like the hubbs & i both did. not necessarily baseball, anything really. i just want him to love sports. i think it's good for most boys... especially active ones like ours!

the first practice was kinda chaotic. most hadn't played tee ball before (on a team). BUT i have to say, we have a great coach.

that's right. the hubbs took on the responsibility of coaching these precious little ones. they are so funny. one little boy would hit the ball & run after it. every. time.


b's best bud is on the team too - despite many protests from mr. justin about playing two sports in a row. i begged. and here they are on the same team! yay!

and it worked out - because i sat with lil' miss, miss "jonana" and "lela" in the shade while mr. justin hung out and helped both of the boys!

sometimes they liked kicking the dirt more than paying attention. and... i have to say... that while they were kicking the dirt, and getting it everywhere, i remembered how much i LOVED the smell of that red stuff. and how, at about april, somehow my car would turn red on the carpets... despite taking off my cleats after practice. 

oh - the love of sports. nostalgia. *sigh*.

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  1. OMG these pictures are precious!! This makes me so excited that I have a son!! I can't wait for Matt to coach P's teams!! And just like you I really hope Pearson loves sports as much as we both do!!