Monday, May 7, 2012

we tried it!

 a while ago, i saw this idea on pinterest.

(i heart pinterest. do you?)

anyway. i thought "that's simple enough."

and it so was. although, i went to do a few times and remembered i didn't have toothpicks. i ran out after my last batch of PW's jalapeno poppers. (yum...)

but i digress.

b. loved it. although, it only took up about 20 minutes. and halfway through i thought.... it's so pretty, but we don't get to keep it??? what kind of 'painting' is that???

you should do it.  we tried it three different times. and it was something different. something to tell daddy that we 'did' that day.

1 comment:

  1. We did this last week, too. Had it pinned for so long and finally remembered and happened to have all the "supplies". I'm impressed it kept Brady entertained for 20 minutes. Macie only lasted about 5...but, then we only did it once. So cool, though! Loved your pictures of the "paintings".