Monday, May 16, 2011

bag makeover.

it is no secret that i love these bags.

i've even gushed about them on this blog.

i think they. are. fabulous. 

they are the perfect diaper bag.

pockets for bottles, sippy cups, rattles, diapers, etc. etc.

they're canvas so they are super durable {and even though it says not to, i've stuck mine in the washer and let it air dry}.

i love them.

so.... when i saw this, i knew that my already-so-cute bags needed a little makeover to put them over the top. 

what do you think?

and you want to know the best thing? 

it's 98% new sew. 

for my first one {an old bag of brady's that i don't use anymore} i made a ruffle - and i did sew to make the ruffle. 

but the flowers i made were all scissors and hot glue.

and i just discovered button cover kits. so - instead of burning the ends of my fingers until i say words that are not appropriate, i can use this! i found them at joann for $2 and they are EASY PEASY.

was your monday happy? 

mine was. i hung out with a new old friend and her little muffin. 

love. her.

see you tomorrow!

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