Wednesday, July 6, 2011

project life + FAQ.

i am proud to say that i'm all caught up on my project life. even through THIS week. 


although - right now, i'm just going to share ONE week with you.

this was the week that began with us WINNING THE NBA CHAMPIONSHIP.


so that made up a lot of the first page. different thoughts & memorabilia. 

plus that extra fun picture from the wedding. 

and b & nana's new thing of walking to the post office & mailing letters.

they mailed this letter on tuesday & we got it wednesday.

the front page of the newspaper the morning after the big win.

{there was SO much stuff i could have saved from the mav's win. i had to choose - since i didn't want the memorabilia to take over in this case.}

i didn't have anything for the back. 

so i just took a big sheet of blue paper & made stars with my FAVE players. 

just a little something to make it look thought-out & 'finished'.

my little muffin - charlotte. 

i actually didn't take any pictures this week. 

so - like i said before about NO RULES - i slid them in here. 

the only pics from this week were on my iPhone. the flowers & the one of me in the lake.

i must tell you that the iPhone pics turn out really well. seriously. so don't be afraid to develop pics from your phone! at least try them and see. 

okay - here are some FAQ's .

Q: what supplies do i need to get started?

A: project life is a product created by becky higgins. it is set up in a week by week format - but does not have to be used that way. i ended up getting the project life kit that is no longer available. next year's kit {from what i have read} will be available in november or december. so be on the lookout.  in the meantime all you need is a three-ring binder 12x12 scrapbook {found at target/walmart/joann/hobby lobby, etc.}, some becky higgins divided pages, becky higgins journaling cards, and perhaps some solid color cardstock if you want to cut your own journal cards. i also would suggest getting these twin-tip sharpie markers. i LOVE these and whenever i hand write, i use a combination of the thick end & thin end and it's handy to have them on the same marker.

Q: i'm not crafty/a scrapbooker/creative. can i do it?

A: absolutely. honestly, it's as easy as printing your pictures, dropping them in the pockets & writing down a few thoughts for the week. you can really simplify the process when you're swamped with other stuff & you can elaborate the process when you feel so inspired. i love looking at ali edwards's stuff. but it can overwhelm you if you compare too much. i would also suggest reading becky higgins's blog.

Q: do you constantly have pictures being developed? 

A: nope! i get my pictures developed at wolf camera. they have 3.5x5 pics on sale for six cents on tuesday & wednesday. so, typically, i will load my pictures monday, edit tuesday & upload/order wednesday. if i miss that window, i wait until the next week. this does not mean i get 'behind' though. because i will generally fill in with scraps/trinkets & notes before i forget. 

Q: do you take pictures everyday? 
A: no way! sometimes i will go on a good streak of keeping my camera at arm's length a few days in a row. but most often, it has to be intentional for me to take my camera with me. if we're going somewhere and i don't have my camera, i either snap a pic with my iPhone or keep a receipt/packaging etc. and sometimes i don't do anything at all! believe it or not, i don't document everything. i try & get a good balance of the good & the bad so i can remember it ALL when i look back, but days will go by when i don't even remember where the time went. {yesterday was an example}. 

Q: i don't have kids, do you think i could still do it?

A: please, pretty please, do it! i wish i had this format to document our life before kids!!!! i can't remember what it was like! so please do it! if you still don't feel like you can fill it out week to week, just do it on a month to month basis. just make it work! it will!!

okay - enough writing for today!!!!!

let me know if you have any other questions - i'll do my best to answer them. but i'm no expert. it's just a new found love of mine!!!

happy thursday.

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