Saturday, July 30, 2011


one of the things on our summer list was 'go to work with daddy'

and although that's not exactly how it happened, we did take some time on friday to visit daddy at work and take him to lunch.

brady had fun going from office to office saying 'hi' and giving high fives to j's coworkers. as soon as he'd say hi, he'd run out and try to go into the next office. luckily, it was friday at lunch time, so i think the break was welcomed, mostly.

brady was incredibly serious about working. 

jeff had told him the night before that he really needed his help at work on friday... so brady wanted to make sure that he did everything daddy 'needed' him to do. when we told him it was time for lunch, he shook his head and very sternly told me, "daddy needs my help for more work, mommy. no time to go."


and charlotte is moving FAST these days. jeff was showing someone how she crawls now and by the time he turned around she was all the way down the hall and in someone's office. 

love it.

we went to tin star for lunch. and of course, it was crowded, so the hubbs had to wait in a long-ish line to order. 
but it was okay. we had angry birds to keep a hungry little boy occupied and a line of people flirting with lil' miss while they waited. 

we are so thankful for a hardworking daddy so that i am able to stay home with the littles. i know it doesn't always work out that way, and some days i think i'd rather go into the office, but when it boils down, i know that i am very blessed.
we love you, j.

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