Monday, September 24, 2012

good morning.

saturday morning we woke up before the crack of dawn for the annual plano balloon festival. we've been a few different times but never in the morning.

and to be quite honest, i think the morning is the way to go. no traffic, not as many people, and cooler weather. it was a win win win for all of us - until the afternoon when we ALL crashed.

out of all of the years we've gone, this was the first year we've seen balloons actually take off. 

it was pretty cool if you ask me. and... the kids thought so too. 

 the hang gliders were NOT a part of the show. 

it was actually quite funny because it was apparent that the hang gliders knew exactly what they were doing, but instead of getting out of the way of the balloons, they kept flying around them. the kids thought they were 'super heroes'. 

b. got a special treat from school this week - he got to take george home for the weekend! and he's supposed to go everywhere with us and then he will tell the story at school on tuesday. he told me george really liked the balloon festival. sweet boy.

precious friends.  would be lost without each and every one of them.

j made fun of the bajillion pictures i was taking. but look - i got some pretty cool shots!

after they all lifted off, we got to go on the field for some up close & personal time with a few balloons. the kids thought it was pretty neat until they started blowing the heat. it was extremely loud & scared a few of us. 

happy monday.

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