Monday, October 1, 2012

hello october.

hello, october. how was september? 

it went by so fast and it all feels like a blur. so many great and wonderful and challenging things happening and the adjustment to public service is happening right before our very eyes. 

the hubbs is so strong. he's way more forgiving of others than i ever could be. he's willing to meet and listen to everyone & anyone, despite stinging words they might have used against him. not only does he meet with them, but he does it with - what we like to call in our house - a happy heart. genuine and sincere love for the people of his district and the true desire to serve them best.

he's a bigger man than i ever thought he could be. to watch him grow over the past month has been nothing short of an honor. we've been tested and tried, it's NOT been easy. we've had knock down drag out arguments over little things - such as time - and big things - such as time.

i am learning what it means to share my husband. and he is learning what it looks like to put his family first, all the while keeping the people of his district first too. he's doing a great job juggling it all... i could never ever do it like he does. 


after the runoff we spent a few much needed weekends at the lake, including labor day. 

we've been working on some stuff around here {yay!} so i haven't gotten around to posting them yet - but here are some pictures in all of their glory. 

thankful for a wonderful place to relax. i feel we will need it in the coming months!

  1879 gravestone. pretty cool.

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