Friday, March 30, 2012


i LOVE spring.

everything about it, i love. the budding flowers, the green on the trees, the days get longer.... i love it.

and i can FEEL the lazy days of summer coming........ i really can just feel it! can't you??

sweet girl gets in and out of the cozy coupe.

and only 'drives' backward. then she gets out, pushes it forward, gets back in only to go backward again.

have i mentioned how much i L-O-V-E love having a little girl?

she's a hoot.

he finally got fed up with the dandelion and just pulled the pieces off.

'hmmmm.... what should i do next?'

i swear i'm going to end up in the E.R. any day now.

all this boy does is jump.

ahhhh.... it feels good to blog. to document. to write.

but sometimes, i have to restrain myself from saying all that i really want to say. you know how that is, right? being PC? yup.

y'all have a great weekend!

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