Thursday, March 1, 2012

a tip on thursday.

one of my favorite people was in town this week.

in fact, i got a very special treat with a last minute dinner with some friends from high school, including her, her and her {my roomie from college!}. it was so fun, and i came home feeling so full.

but back to miss terri.

she's the one who introduced me to erin condren when she was in town last may. {did i mention i get to see her like ONCE a year???} anyway. 

so she convinced me to order one of her planners as soon as they were available. and i, in turn, convinced my hubby that i needed to order one too. {luckily it was all before this campaign stuff - otherwise i'm pretty sure $50 on a planner would NOT have happened}. 

and on sunday night, at our fun dinner, we were looking through her cute planner. {she has the BEST handwriting!!} and she has ALWAYS had the best planners. i remember, vividly, sitting on the floor in the sports & fitness center @ prestonwood for a dance rehearsal for that riverdance thing we did and looking through her day runner. it was unbelievable. she has ALWAYS kept a planner religiously.

and i noticed something.

her tabs weren't running ragged like mine were.


so she showed me her trick. and here i am sharing it with you.

this is what my tabs looked like before. 

literally - almost falling apart.

so, i got some mini glue dots from hobby lobby. {$2.99}

and some file folder tabs. 

i trimmed off the flappy part and trimmed it from edge to edge after measuring the size of my tabs....

and look how nice and neat it looks now!

 i only wish that i had done it before all my tabs got ragged. :) do it now!!!

hope this helps at least ONE person today!!


  1. never heard of this planner! i think i need one!!! so cute and fun! thanks for sharing!!

  2. I THINK I may have introduced it to Terri. I won't take credit until she gives confirmation BUT I shared it on my blog about a year and a bit ago and now everyone I know has one and I LOVE IT! Glad you're loving it too! And love this tip!!!

  3. You helped me! I have this exact planner....and I used tape, but I'll try your way next! Thanks! I found your link on Kate's. This is me: