Thursday, March 8, 2012

spring is coming.

during this unseasonably warm "winter", we've been spending many afternoons in our back yard. we are still getting the hang of things in our new 'spot' - where the 'muddy' spots are, where cinder blocks are placed strategically to keep the dog inside the yard, etc. - but that stuff isn't slowing my two muffins down from enjoying yelling, throwing, running and jumping.

i love the lil' miss thinks brady hung. the. moon.

she wants to be right where he is all the time. i know that this too shall pass and one day it will be her daddy that hung the moon and then long after that she will think a new boy will have hung the moon. so i like to capture every moment i can of the two of them.

miss sassafrass. she's so girlie. i love it.

b. found the cinder blocks. perfect for climbing on. {and ending up the emergency room...}

are you enjoying the spring weather???????

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