Tuesday, March 13, 2012


these past two or so weeks have been an emotional, spiritual and physical roller coaster for me.

i'm tired. i'm exhausted. mentally i'm spent. i can't think straight or focus on any one thing right now. i'm drained. this spring forward stuff & our little bit getting FOUR teeth at the same time have almost put me over the edge.

and in the spirit of spring break, i haven't exactly 'forwarded' our schedules yet. so this morning was another lazy one for us - sleeping 'in' until 8 or so. and after the lack of sleep c. had last night i let her sleep until i heard her.

so in the stillness and quiet of my morning, still lazily laying in my bed, eyes open but so tired, i heard my phone 'ping'.

this was my email from my sweet friend that lives in georgia:

PLEASE stop what you are doing and download on itunes....

Bethel- The Loft Sessions - COME TO ME

You will be blessed.  Sit. Drink coffee and just close your eyes and have 5 minutes.  It is JESUS calling in song.

so i did.

and boy was she right.

tears rolled down my cheeks as i took deep breath after deep breath.

my heartache over a situation that has been prayed over for 10 years subsided as i gently turned it over, once again, to my Lord.

my mind numbing exhaustion due to constant crying subsided.

my worry, hurt and desire for control in the campaign was lifted.

i was blessed. by the Truth and Power of Jesus Christ.

and i hope you will be too.

have a great tuesday.

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