Friday, July 13, 2012


yes, i'm still here. 

no, i'm not on vacation. 

we're in the throws of our run off.

and although june seemed to fly by me without knowing that it even came & went.... july is dragging on. i'm ready - so so ready - for july 31. 18 days. but who's counting. not me. 

so that's why it's been a bit quiet around here. trying to keep things together at our house + the demands of a seemingly never ending campaign can drive a momma crazy if she ain't careful. not that i know anything about that or anything. 

the Lord has really been placing some stuff on my heart in the past few weeks... and i can't wait to share. but that would mean i have to get all of the thoughts discombobulated first in order to form a few sentences on this virtual paper. 

but let's just boil it down to one word. priorities. 

i could go on and on about the internal struggle that is going on right now, but i have about 5 minutes until the littles are up and ready to go full force at the day so i will spare you {and me} for now.

but i am going to pop in and do a little instafriday update. {i'm loving this app, by the way! you can follow me here.}

a book that i'm reading {when i sit down for more than 10 minutes at a time}. it's a must for moms out there. seriously.

remember how i said that the Lord has placed a lot on my heart lately? this is one of those things. the business of may brought loads of frozen, unhealthy and fast food. and we paid for it - in a big way. i can excuse it all i want to, but i know that deep down inside me it was because i chose to do something instead of make a healthier alternative for my family. so we have a new "non-diet". i'll elaborate next week with some of my new favorite recipes. 

but these are granola bars. and they are yummy.

homemade pizza for lunch. bbq chicken on one side. cheese on the other. hmm..... wonder which is which. i froze the leftovers.... who knows how that's going to reheat. but i'm trying.

 a quick painting break. b. told me he painted me a rainbow.

 one of my favorite pics of c. ever. totally captures her cheesy, smiley but FEISTY personality.

a fort for a rainy morning.

a bit of a cool down. especially from last year - when it was 110 almost every day. thankful for His blessings!
a new book for me. more next week, but i'm in love - and a bit loco.


a block walk with dear friends. thankful for people who put up with our craziness.

giving up splenda didn't go as i had planned. yesterday i had a headache so bad i couldn't see straight. back to splenda today. {ps - i only have one and a half packets in my coffee a day...} decided i could try again after the campaign is over.

farmers market in mckinney. love.

favorite song on my playlist right now. 10,000 reasons to praise the Lord. always. 

and that's all. happy friday to you.

life rearranged


  1. i LOVE 10,000 reasons. It's my favorite song too! :)

  2. I think I see Jesus Calling peeking out of the picture above the sunflowers (love those!). That book is incredible! Really helping me get through a very hard time right now. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great pictures! I want to Google that book and find out more. Very pretty pics and I can see why that is a favorite pic of your girl. She's precious!

  4. I love these pictures. It looks like, while things are always crazy, you use Christ to focus on what matters most, and that's so great.

    Hey, I do a weekly instagram link-up on my blog. If you have 20 seconds and want to link up this post that would be great!