Thursday, July 19, 2012

two. more. weeks.

welp. we're here. the two week countdown is on. and i couldn't be more exhausted excited.

 understandably, i think i will noticeably {or unnoticeably} absent from the blogosphere for the next two weeks. the campaign has become the beast that we knew it would and managing time with the kiddos, trying to keep up with healthy meals, discipline, campaign obligations, and the like has taken over what anyone would have considered "normal" almost one year ago.

as this season draws to a close, i am ever grateful for all that the Lord has taught me. it has been tough, but well worth it.  the Lord has never promised an easy walk... and this is no exception. the Lord has given me strength beyond my wildest imagination. or should i say that really the Lord has been MY strength in the weaknesses that were weaker my wildest imagination.

sometimes i hesitate to talk about this season of life that we're in. i am am well aware that there are much harder seasons that we could be going through right now than this. i have friends who have miscarried their precious babies, who are going through rough divorces, who have lost loved ones. i am not at all pretending that this season even comes close to how tough that would be. please hear me on that.

it is however a major life change that has been happening for the last 11 and 1/2 months {but there's no need to be exact, is there? remember, when we signed up for this it was supposed to be "over" in early march. it's july. the END of july, actually. again, with the exactness...} 

this is a road that we do not travel on lightly for several reasons. one being that the Lord very clearly called us here. maybe some day i will discuss all of the things that came to pass that cleared the road for us, but let's just say that it was almost as if the Lord came down and parted the red sea to show us which path to take.  that in and of itself is something we view as a huge responsibility.

second - this choice takes a LOT of time from our family, and we would not be doing it unless we were convinced that this was what we were supposed to do. as we prayed about this race we knew that this was part of it. i remember praying about it on my knees one afternoon when the kids were napping and i remember asking the Lord how in the world could that void be filled and He {almost audibly} pressed upon my heart, "Becky, I am BIGGER than that. I am the Father to the Fatherless. I am the Husband to the Husbandless. I AM."

we feel that we have a higher goal in all of this, and to some of you out there it might sound totally off the wall, i realize that. but our goal is to glorify the Lord with each step that we take. it's been tough. we've had some tough stuff to swallow along with hard decisions to make. i cannot even begin to express to you how awful it feels when your husband is being lied about and that people are believing these lies. people tried to prepare me. i tried to prepare myself, but it doesn't take the lingering sting out with each one that comes.

i know that the Lord promises us an eternal victory - not one on this earth. so if we win, i will be praising the Lord for a tangible victory for days to come. but if we lose? well, i'll be praising Him for taking us on this roller coaster ride of a journey and teaching us to blindly trust Him. something neither one of us had ever experienced before. either way, i'll be praising Him for having a higher purpose for us. knowing that our identity is not found in this race or in the winning or losing. it is found in Jesus. hallelujah. end of story.

so thank you all for your prayers. we are tremendously blessed by the outpouring of support and prayers from others. we've been loved on by countless new friends that we know the Lord placed in our path for this season of our lives. i cannot say enough how thankful we are for every prayer uttered on our behalf.

here's to July 31st! this song has been at the top of my playlist all week thanks to an awesome worship time led by the youth on sunday. enjoy! i hope it blesses you!

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  1. Praying for you guys as you are in the home stretch. Every Sunday we pass one of Jeff's signs and I'm pretty sure every Sunday I say, "OMG it's still not July 31st." So I know if it seems like it's taken forever for it to get here for me, it must really feel that way for you guys. Praying that the Lord will be glorified in all of this. It's been amazing to watch you go through this and support Jeff so well. What a lucky guy he is to have you!!