Friday, February 8, 2013


this week was crazy. complete with a trip to austin & back, crazy hair day, a big shop update, custom orders, loads of laundry &  a black tie event.

 what better way to start off a crazy week than with cinnamon rolls. grands does it up right.

i heart chippy paint.

i made it to austin in record time. no traffic. no drinking water. or coffee. no stops. woot!

i've been battling a bit with insomnia. whether i'm here, or there or whether j's home or not. insomnia awaits me when i get in bed. i'm exhausted and sleepy. but as soon as i close my eyes it's like a lightswitch goes on and i can.not.fall.asleep. it's not like my mind is running. it's totally different. so i've tried all sorts of things. this week just might be the week i throw in the towel and go see a doctor. i have a few more things to try first, including yoga. we shall see! do you have any other home remedies??

at the capitol this week the sweetwater jaycees were showing off their rattlesnakes. one of our dear friends is from sweetwater and goes to the rattlesnake festival every year - so these pics are for him!

it definitely did not feel like a controlled environment. {this is j's legislative director being brave next to the rattlesnake!!} i stayed behind the iphone.

me & my handsome james bond man. nothing like your hubby all dressed up in a tux. nothing.

quick trip there = a quick trip back. complete with starbucks & mumford. love.

the littles snuggling after nap time. love it when they're sweet to each other. {because it's not all the time, you know what i mean?}

 there's a BIG shop update coming on monday! stay tuned!

crazy hair day at school on thursday. this is the best we could do - didn't have much hair to work with!

 making cards for daddy.

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