Monday, February 18, 2013

valentine's day.

 normally we don't go all out on valentine's day or anything.

but this year, i wanted my kids to feel soooo loved. 
i feel like they put up with a lot. and handle it so well.
so wanted it to be an excuse to make them feel extra special.

 we face timed in daddy when they woke up and walked into the kitchen. b. said "this is so awesome!" he loved the butcher paper on the table. {it's still on there!} they constantly color on it. 

all c cared about was the candy. she kept sneaking it. b is our rule follower and c is a little more independent & strong willed. should make for an interesting few years in high school. :)

and just to keep it real - there were no cute homemade valentine's this year. although washi tape does make everything better. i had seen such cute stuff on pinterest but every time i mentioned something to b. he either didn't "get it" {like the nacho average valentine! sooo cute!} or wasn't excited. so why would i spend my time on something that - let's be honest - is for me to look better as a mom? PLUS when i get his valentine's box, half the time i can't even tell who they came from! ha. so we ended up with $2 spiderman valentines with smarties. b was tremendously excited about them. 

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  1. Cute Cute cute!! This may be a silly question, but where do you get butcher paper. I alway had an endless supply of the huge rolls at school when I taught but if I wanted to do something like this for Pearson someday, I have no idea where you get butcher paper!!