Friday, February 1, 2013


linking up for instafriday again. a chance to tell the stories behind the pictures. you can follow me here.

we went to an event for the local school district last week. it was very fun - and was at southfork. where j's prom was. brought back a lot of memories!

it's become party time on friday night when the hubbs comes home. today we will be baking a cake. it's our favorite time of the week.

we opened our first kiwi crate this week. i will do a full post on this next week but let me say: AWESOME.

still pondering a lesson from sunday school. being imitators of God. what does that mean in my daily life? i've been trying to teach b. this verse. i told him it's like being a copy cat. he thought it was very funny....

little branches has learned how to ship from home. so. easy.

project life began this week. so excited to stay on top of this project this year.

earlier this week, on instagram, i declared wednesday as my bread baking day. it is definitely my least favorite day of the week - the one where i literally hit a wall because i'm exhausted and tired and know i still have two more days! so why not make wednesday a day i look forward to every week? i'll post thoughts on this recipe next week!

making something different to send to whatever craft weekend this month. cannot wait to share. i think you'll like it. ;)

a custom piece for a sweet friend having a boy soon. she is on bedrest in the hospital {for high bp} and we went by to drop it off. it blesses me terribly to see people love something i have made for them {or someone they love}.

last night we celebrated my brother's birthday at dave & buster's. it was so fun to be together {minus the hubbs} as a big family. my brother used to live in colorado so we rarely got to see him for his birthday. but not this year!! it was fun celebrating with him.

and he won 1228 tickets for the kiddos. {it was a combination effort but he for sure won the most}. the littles weren't terribly excited about the tix until they realized they "bought" them prizes! made for a fun end of the night!

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  1. Just found your blog through Life Rearranged. Looking forward to following along. Happy weekend!