Friday, April 5, 2013

hello, friday.


i can't believe how incredibly FAST this week went.

two nugget's birthdays this week. the beautiful girl in between c. and b. turned SIX this week. cannot believe it. i remember holding her in the hospital. she is gorgeous. sporty. oh so kind to my kids. we love her. 

and then b. he turns FIVE on sunday. FIVE. and kindergarten roundup is next friday. WHAAAT? ever since he was born i've been waiting for the day for him to go to kindergarten. i struggled a bit with postpartum after i had him and the adjustment was hard. i remember sitting there counting down the {long} years until i'd be able to "be myself" again. my perspective was totally skewed, of course, but i have never dreaded the kindergarten years. partly because i think he can't wait to go, partly because i know he's ready. and i'm ready too. i think.

but let me tell y'all. when i saw that notice on the elementary school marquee, i all of a sudden became a blubbering idiot. i was in the car by myself and i called j. to tell him about how ridiculous it was that i all of a sudden am crying about this. he may or may not have gotten choked up too, i'll never tell you.

why is it that going to kindergarten brings out all sorts of emotions. when people tell me, "it goes by so fast!" i think, no it doesn't. i still don't think it's gone by fast - but how in the world is he old enough to go to school? and i think the part about us not necessarily knowing that we're going to be going to this elementary school {which is superior, by the way!} bothers me to no end.

i moved around a lot when i was little. i went to two elementary schools, two middle schools and then moved again before my freshman year in high school. and although i think it turned out okay and i have never thought i carry emotional "scars" from it, i also hate thinking about b. changing schools and starting over with making friends. it's me, not him. 

so.... as we approach five this weekend, i'm going to have to find a way to get him to understand we will not be attending kindergarten starting monday. we will not be riding a bus {probably never more than field trips, poor guy}. and i will be holding onto him a little tighter the next few months.

that's totally normal, right? 

happy weekend, y'all. 

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