Monday, April 15, 2013

instafriday. {on monday?}

so, i was pretty much a vegetable friday and saturday. 

the trunk show was a huge success and i was extremely blessed by all of you who came to support me & my attempt to raise money to go to africa. i have no idea what the Lord has for me there, i only know that He has explicitly told me to go. and that little branches will get me there. 

so i am trusting. 

nevertheless, the last month has been a blur of painting, sanding, friday night lights, tagging & repeat. 

except sunday. last week was b's 5th birthday. and as an extra special treat he got to fly with daddy to austin to go to work with him. he was speaker of the house for the day, got to meet all of daddy's "friends" and even did the gavel. he led the pledges & got to push the buttons to "vote". he had the best time.

we are in the home stretch of session. less than 50 {brutal} days left. i am so thankful. and as much as we miss him, we know it's the Lord's calling on our lives at the moment. and in that, there is peace.

took some advice from becky & took time for myself. to get my hair did {which it desparately needed!} so glad that i did this. 

my favorite items that sold out in the first 30 minutes. now i wish i had kept one for myself. check back next week for restock. 

registered for kindergarten on friday. all sorts of emotions along with this. i can't believe it - yet i'm so ready - yet i'm not. wow. what a roller coaster ride..... as i'm sure the next 12 years will be much of the same. 

friday night we went to the spring carnival at the school. b is SUPER excited to attend here in the fall & i'm excited since he's excited. 

happy monday, friends.


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