Monday, April 2, 2012

blueberries. (a.k.a. bluebonnets)

friday afternoon i mustered up some will power to get the littles out for bluebonnet pictures. 

there may have been some bribing involved. maybe.

and as much as i tried to pump b. up for my picture taking fiasco, he kept thinking we were going to take pictures with blueberries. no wonder he didn't understand.

luckily we live literally two seconds from bluebonnet trail. we parked outside a cleaners and walked on over to the trail. 

the time between me deciding to go and actually getting there was time enough for the sun to come out in full force. and little miss has some precious fair skin. so we found one lone bush tree to sit semi-under and take a few pictures. 

she didn't want anything to do with sitting in the middle of the bluebonnets. the outskirts were more her style.

my attempt at getting the two of them to sit together under the bush.... was.... semi-successful. whenever i want them to say cheese, b squeezed c real tight. she didn't like that.

my big man loved running through the heels (a.k.a. hills).

it was hard to get him to sit still.

texas beauty. here today and gone tomorrow, right? is it me or are they here super early this year?

isn't it neat how wild these wildflowers are?  it's such a great reminder of how GREAT and creative our God is.

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