Wednesday, February 29, 2012

a few favorites.

i can't believe it's already wednesday!

i've ran out of steam already this week.  i went shopping with an out of town friend yesterday morning for some baby stuff for her new little one due in may. {she's not finding out the gender. can you believe it??? i'm giving her such a hard time about it.} then i had lunch with my mom and did a bit of shopping with her too. i didn't spend a dime. don't you love 'shopping' like that? i wasn't necessarily the best steward of my time yesterday so i feel a bit behind today. my mood isn't matching the 'fullness' i feel from the wonderful and rare treats from yesterday.

not to mention the littles both have yucky noses and yucky coughs to go with it. my energy is running low today. and i'm trying so hard to limit my coffee to one cup in the morning but i just might have to pour myself another cup here in a bit.  bummed that i had to stay home from bible study today. but i felt like it was the best choice - and i'd probably have gotten paged from the nursery anyway. 

thanks for all the sweet comments on my post from friday. i'm really working on a follow up with all the little things that i've changed. i just want to be prayerful about it - because it's not about me. i seriously prayed over the changes that needed to be made. and discerning what i thought needed changing and what HE thought needed changing. 

and i believe that's the only way it's working for us. i've tried so often to have the same routine as xyz or the same cleaning 'schedule' as flylady etc. etc. etc. but like i said, i had an 'aha!' moment and started praying about what it means to be a 'housewife' for me and for my family. 

so that post will be coming. when i can really think through things.

but today, my head is foggy. maybe i'm coming down with a cold too... or fighting off a cold. who knows.

so i'll leave you with these pictures of my sweet girlie girl. she truly is a little girl after my own heart. yesterday she was walking around the house in my toms. i love it.

and here's a little bonus. 

i've discovered a few new websites and blogs lately that i just love love love.

thought i'd share. hope you enjoy. :)

under the sycamore - i do NOT know how i haven't found this blog before. i LOVE her. i love her style, and she writes for design*sponge so she has lots of diy ideas. i love her perspective on things and they're currently waiting to adopt a child from china. she has precious kids and her little girl reminds me a bit of my lil' miss. i think you'd enjoy her.

skinny taste - in my effort to eat healthy this year, a girlfriend of mine sent me this website on saturday. i changed my whole meal plan for the week. she has great recipes with the nutritional information attached. i also think she has a great variety so it's not salads all the time, etc. if you're looking for some healthy stuff, this site is for you. oh - and a lot of the recipes are pretty simple. which is great for this momma.

the wiegands - so, i don't know how i just found this blog either. casey and her hubby both went to baylor around the same time the hubbs and i did. i vaguely remember her - probably because my roomate and her were friends. :) she is a cool artist and has opened an art studio in dallas called a little artsy. i mean, talk about cool. there's something about the honesty of casey's writing that keeps me coming back. she's so real, she's beautiful and - of course - a little artsy. so i'm captivated. check her out.

have fun reading!

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