Tuesday, August 14, 2012

more destin.

one of the first nights, we took the boys to the pond to feed the ducks while the girls fell asleep in their rooms. so sweet. but with boys the bread doesn't last too long. i think they were more interested in throwing it and then chasing the ducks than actually feeding them.

i love both of these pictures {above & below}. they perfectly capture both pierce & b. 

all of the loot we lugged down to the beach everyday. luckily the boys are big enough to help. and our house isn't too far from the sand. 

the girls had the easiest job. chilaxing in the wagon. 

we had a lot of rain this year. more than normal. but it was actually really nice. it made for an overcast, sunburnless, cooler vacation. a big storm came through about an hour after we got out there on this particular day. so we ran back real quick and stood under cover at our house for a bit. 

and had snacks, of course.

 and blew bubbles. and road the scooter.

the evening was my favorite time out there this year. normally it's the morning. 

but this year, do the overcast skies and the rain, it was pretty cool {temperature wise} in the evening. 

looking for something easy to do at night {as in, not getting all dressed up to go to a restaurant and try to keep our kids behaving properly} we went to a near by candy store. 

this was a big hit. for all involved.

still more pics to edit & load. that will hopefully happen this week. 

but right now i have a need to sew.  as in i couldn't sleep last night because i just needed to do something. 

my sweet husband. he tries to understand this about me. my need to create & use the right side of my brain. it's been a long time and i feel myself going a little bit looney. 

it's a coping mechanism for me. and besides, it's relaxing for me. and i won't pretend that you understand, unless you're just like me and then you DO understand. i know you do. 

hope you're having a great week. it's not as hot back here as i had anticipated it being. so that's a bonus. right?

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  1. Great pictures Becky!! You guys are so lucky to have such close friends with kids that are so close in age and even the same sex. What a blessing!!