Wednesday, August 29, 2012


fifteen days have come and gone since i last posted a "post" on this little online scrapbook.


yet it feels like i've lived about an entire year of life.


i'm wiped. out.

literally couldn't peel myself out of bed this morning. even with the thought of my coffee. 

and that's unusual.

we started "school" yesterday.

and it was chaotic. i was very ill-prepared.

but the day, like every other day, came and went. and went just fine.

i was anxious about it. i think because i hadn't had time to think about it until we came back from out of town late sunday night. and then it was meet the teacher monday morning. 

and that's when i started panicking. not because i don't want them to start. i do, i do, i do. 

but because i had not done one thing. including laundry.

so for the next 15 hours i ran what felt like a million errands with my two tired children, packed lunches, made a nap mat for my daughter who is waaaay to little to be napping on a nap mat, tried to buy snack baggies {which there were none of}, got some laundry done so both the littles would have a clean outfit for their first day and a set of clean back up clothes.... AND tried to sleep.

remember a while back i mentioned my nightmares?

well, they have resurfaced. and i have very unsettling dreams about someone - who shall remain nameless - breaking into our house & holding us captive. 

it's horrible. 

i don't think i have ever once felt unsafe in my house. ever. even with my nightmares that come and go. but this one was so real. and it was set around here. 

and i felt paralyzed in bed, not even having the courage to wake up the hubbs and tell him about it while it was still dark outside. 


last night i slept much better. maybe from the lack of sleep the night(s) before.

but i'm still tired. 

in & out & in & out of town will do that to ya.

and a total change of life pace.


are you all back in school?

i'm thankful for our little preschool program. very thankful. we've always had a great experience and am hoping the same for this year. even with my littlest there once a week too!!

anyway - let's do a bit of catch up.

a few weeks ago we went to the circus in ft. worth.

b. had a wonderful time. c. had a great time too, until she was tired. and then it was a marathon of holding her while we watched elephants and motorcycles from the top of the stairs.

b. was very serious about the clowns. love him.

they had a dress up spot before the show started. loads of fun.

thanks so much, mimi & papa for such a fun time together!!!! we love you!

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