Wednesday, August 15, 2012

tattoos, dolphins, sea lions & ducks.

after our fun outing to the very popular candy store, we headed next door to one of those junky beach shops. and what did we get? 

a henna tattoo. so fun. 

brady was very proud to be sitting in such a big boy chair getting his 'tattoo'.

our very own super heros. love.

as i mentioned before, our trip was kinda rainy. 

and one day that looked as if it wouldn't let up enough for us to go to the beach, jo and i took the boys to the gulfarium for a hopefully dry outing.

turns out most of it, although covered, is outside. 

the boys loved their "maps".

waiting for the sea lion show. jo & i thought they were pretty cute, but the boys weren't terribly impressed. 

now, the dolphins, they were a different story. 


how wonderful is God's creation? i feel like each year we go to the beach, i come back more in awe of Him. 

maybe it's because i get to experience a different "creation" for a while. how many different kind of fish are there in the sea? how many different corals? sting rays? sunsets? different kinds of sand. seaweed. jellyfish. waves. on & on & on. 


anyway - the dolphins. the boys were quite impressed. as were we. loved being able to get these pictures.

and when we got back the sun was shining once again. 

so we took the girls & the daddies to feed the ducks with us. 

b. was super happy to show c the way - and how to feed them.

if you look really closely at the picture below, you'll see two tiny baby ducks on the left. hidden in the grass.

the momma wasn't too happy with us getting this close.


i didn't get much {okay - any} sewing done yesterday. i did manage to buy some adorable fabric {as seen on my instagram} yesterday. now it's just sitting in the dining room waiting to be used. 

let's see if we can get some of that done tonight as the hubbs and i embark on season 2 of friday night lights. we are HUGE fans. we originally got into the series during season 3, and we had borrowed season 1 from a friend. but now - we've found netflix. 

and we tried downton abbey. oh did we try. and maybe we will keep trying. i so want to be sophisticated enough to find it fascinating as so many of my friends have.

but only after season 2 of FNL. it is seriously the best. show. ever. 

and perfect for fall.... and the anticipation of all things football!!!

texas forever, y'all.

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