Monday, August 13, 2012

road trip.


how are ya?

i'm great, thanks for asking! in fact, i'm rested & ready to take on the rest of the year.

we were on vacation. as a family. and i had such a wonderful time. 

it was our 7th year to go to destin. that's a long time. but it's just that wonderful. that easy. that simple.

i'm one who would love to travel. there are many many places that i want to go to and see in the US, let alone in the world. but when it comes to vacation, i mean a slow-down-and-relax-vacation, there's nothing better than destin.

and this year, we took the littles.

the hubbs was in desperate need for some kiddo time. and he definitely got what he asked for!

 we woke up at 3 - and hit the road at 3:30 am. i will not say i told you so, but the littles didn't really go back to sleep. but again, i won't say i told you so.

but i told you so.

when the hubbs scooped b up out of bed, all b could keep saying was, "i'm so happy daddy. i'm so happy!"

oh - and we weren't on the road for 30 minutes before b. asked if we were there yet.

for reals.

after lunch time we were in need of a stop in the car.

some time to stretch our legs.

so we stopped in mobile at the battleship.

 the boys thought it was super cool.

of course, it started raining as soon as we drove up. {and according to plan, it stopped as soon as we left...}

nonetheless, it was cool.

the littles couldn't get enough of their daddy.

last night when the hubbs was putting b to bed, b said he was going to be "so sad" when daddy went to work today. melt my heart.

i'd highly recommend mobile to those driving through. there really was a lot to see & do.... of course we were kinda hurried through do to the thunderstorm right on top of us. but it was neat anyway.

oh - and normally, our trip is 11-12 hours. but this time it took us 16 hours. yup.

sixteen hours in the car. two cars. four kids. four adults.

that's a long time. a lot of time for this momma to lose her mind. :/

but, as always, once we got there it was totally worth it.

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