Friday, January 18, 2013


happy friday, friends.

here's our lovely instagrams from the week.

i cheated a bit. this one is from last week. my rainy trip back from austin required a stop at the BEST and my most favorite coffee shop ever. just what i needed for the last half of my trip.

i heart technology. i am so grateful for the little things that make me feel a tad closer to my hubby. a tad more involved in his daily life. although i didn't understand 90% of what they were saying, i DID enjoy watching. it gave me GREAT conversation to have with the hubby later that night. if you, for whatever reason, would like to watch it while they're in session - you can do so here. and click on live stream. they reconvene next week.

i had an ah-mazing creative burst of energy this last weekend. my house suffered the consequences, but so did my little business. about to load the shop up this weekend with a whole bunch of new goodies!

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trying to get into new habits with our new routine over here. hot tea {vanilla & mint!} + planning for the next day have become an easy part of my night time routine. now i just need to add a hot bath in there!

wednesday i could NOT warm up. i felt like there was a draft in my house all. day. long. and what is the BEST remedy for that? chili. spicy chili. thankful that both of my kids love it too....

organizing my office this week after the tornado of my "burst of energy" took place. i want to call it a studio - seeing as it is full of paint, tools, markers, wood and glue guns. however i keep correcting myself. i don't really know why, but the "studio" word seems like it's reserved for true artists. and i just make stuff. yes, i like the stuff i make, and yes, i design the stuff i make, but.... i wouldn't consider myself an "artist"... so do i still call it a studio? hmmm.... that is the question to be answered in 2013!

happy FRIDAY friends! can't wait for the weekend! i'm going to savor every last drop!
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