Thursday, January 31, 2013

a tutorial: easy peasy felt garland.

i received a few questions yesterday when i posted my afternoon craft on my instagram feed.  a little valentine love for my sad looking mantel.....

it really is so simple! 

i took some card stock and folded it in half. i drew hearts, elementary school style. and cut them out.
then i traced them {yes, with sharpie!} onto four colors of felt. i used sharpie because my washable fabric marker was not working well on the felt. and if you know me, i'm not one to get caught up in the details when it's something for myself. so i just cut inside the lines as best as i could. 

then i made four piles and started sewing with hot pink thread. no pinning or anything, i just grabbed them and stuck them through the sewing machine. {tip: if you need to lift up your presser foot, make sure to lower your needle first to keep your place!}

 {the burlap garland i made years ago is from a tutorial heather of whipperberry did! it's lasted a LONG time! the scrappier it gets the more i like it!}

an easy peasy tutorial for thursday! oh happy day!

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  1. I need to borrow that for a party I'm having tonight!! so cute!