Friday, January 25, 2013


hey, hey, friday! 

good to see ya! this week was LONG... but today is a GREAT day because my hubby is coming home! yay!!!!

this little muffin is such a ham. her personality is SO different from my sweet b. she's sweet & sassy. he's more serious and snuggly. she's watching the ducks under the bridge here.

when daddy's home we try to accomplish those errands that need man power! this was one of them. using the saw at home depot.

i debuted the university collection for little branches! check it out, friends. it's maybe my fave yet!

i'll be honest. shipping stuff is NOT my favorite. i hate how expensive it is and i hate the hassle of it all. BUT, at my post office down the street, i have the BEST postal worker! this older man is a true texas gentleman and he knows my kid's names and is ALWAYS cheerful! HE makes my day!

started taking this e-course. LOVE. IT. lots of food for thought on here!

a flat tire yesterday {again} blew some very big plans i had without my kiddos. oh well. thankful to have a car that runs.

the hubby being out of town is an adjustment. i've had nights here and there before... but never this much again and again and again. :) so my mood has been a bit.... unreliable? monday and tuesday are great but you get me to wednesday and i start to feel my nerves and patience starting to wear thin. to combat this moody wintry blues, i took megan's advice. bought some green plants. can't wait to get them nestled into the cozy inside.

ummm.... awesome music is a MUST for mood-busters. and this album is AWESOME. i know some people hate her. {my hubby thinks she's the MOST overplayed artist EVER!} but her music makes me relive my teenage years AND makes me feel like a rock star when i bust a move! love her. get it.

trying to slow down today. steadying myself for the whirlwind of my hubby being home. trying to soak up as much time with him as possible. love that the Lord goes before us and paves our way. don't you?

happy friday!

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  1. Just a little small business owner (etsy shop) to another...I ship at my Office Depot. They ship UPS and USPS and there is always no wait and they're super friendly and helpful :)