Wednesday, January 16, 2013

my list.

i love to make lists.

there's no way around it. it's just part of who i am.

do i stick with those lists? hmmm.... check this last list out and YOU decide.

the last "official" list i made {not including the ones i make on a daily basis that do NOT get finished by any means} was the thirty things before i turned thirty list. i actually did pretty good. i completed a majority of my list.

i think that part of that is because i really thought about what i put on the list as i was making it. it wasn't random. they were things that had been on my heart for quite a long time.

it was my intention to create a 35 things before i turn 35 list last year, but that never happened. life took over and it's overwhleming to me to think about where i might be when i'm 35. since i am totally off course of what i had thought 30 would like for myself. it overwhelms me right now to think of anything beyond this week. i'm not talking about the basic planning for kindergarten, enrolling in school, are we or aren't we going to have another baby stuff. i'm talking about major life changes that come out of nowhere. stuff that there is NO way that any of us can forsee.

yeah. it breaks me down.

knowing He is in control is the only thing that holds me together.

aren't you so glad that HE is in charge and not us? because if i were in charge, we would still be where we were five years ago + two kids and a pickett fence. cozy & comfortable. not risking anything. not taking any chances. and what's SUPER scary... is that my faith would still be where it was five years ago too. and of all the things i'm incredibly grateful for, that is what i'm grateful for MOST.... that it is NOT where it was... and i'm never going back there. only forward. hallelujah. amen.

okay - so my list! {you didn't think you'd get a sermon today, did ya?!}

i decided to make a LIST while the hubby is in session! things to accomplish, to check off, to do with my time while he's away! some are general... some are very specific. All things that i've been thinking of and praying over for a few weeks. some silly, some serious. some will be hard for me and some will come easy {hello baking bread!}. but it's really to keep me from feeling sorry for myself... because that is fun for NO.ONE. i want to stay focus. keep my eyes on the Prize in Heaven.

here goes:

1. paint my kitchen table/chairs. 
2. make a habit of quiet in our house. {i'm learning that i LOVE quiet. it calms my soul so i can hear from Him.}
3. bake bread weekly. ahhhh.... i love the smell of homemade bread. i think i might do that right after i finish here! do you have any favorites? i'm new at this and DO NOT have a bread maker. i want to do it the old fashioned way! inspired by elise.
4. project life! that's right, baby. i'm bringing it back. last year will be as-yet-to-be-determined on how to finish project life. but i'm starting the new year right, friends! stay tuned tomorrow! you can see examples here, here & here.
5. write letters. {to my hubby & others!}
6. find a house. buy it. move. AHHHH.... so excited for this one. 
7. read 5 books. session is 6-8 months, so i should be able to do this, right? i'd love suggestions!
8. charlotte's big girl room. hunt & gather. i've started a pinterest board here. i don't think we'll move her until we move, but it's fun to plan.
9. don't fall asleep with the tv on. see #2 and #7. 
10. take baths.
11. visit our grandparents.
12. take an online class. i'm thinking about this one, this one or this one.

13. learn how to can. any suggestions on this one? i think i'll wait until springtime for this!

14. sew a quilt. see #8.

15. run a 5k.

YAY for lists! do you keep lists? what else should be on my list? hmm.....

did you catch the little branches giveaway on our facebook page? go check it out! i'd hate for you to miss it!

have a great wednesday!

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