Wednesday, February 15, 2012

happy things.

did y'all have a good valentine's day yesterday?

i did. it was a happy day - despite the various temper tantrums in the morning. i think we all are a little tired in our house right now.

we had pancakes in heart shapes for breakfast. 

and a little treat from momma was waiting for them. just a little something.

b. had a valentine's day party at school. we had to bring 18 unadressed valentines for his classmates.

i saw this idea on a friend of mine's facebook page. 

i 'stole' it from her. and she said she 'stole' it from someone else. 

so i have no idea where it originally came from... but you can be sure it wasn't my idea.

it was just plain cheap cute.

a sweet & thougtful friend found this notepad at hobby lobby saturday and gave it to me. this ought to be my mantra.

and after the last few weeks, i know that this rings true in my house. 

{and my hubby knows it's true for me too... now that's scary.}

a precious box filled with valentines.

a challenging bible study that is doing wonders for my soul.

and sweet blooms from the hubbs.

these are my happy things on this wednesday.

what are yours?

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  1. Precious valentine's. i'm going to have to show my SIL because my nephew loves cars!! And I'm doing the same Bible Study. So good!!