Tuesday, November 13, 2012

{DIY} a knockoff hurricane.

a few weeks ago, i was at target {i mean, when am i NOT at target} and saw these from nate berkus:

hmmmm..... $25? and it wasn't even that large..... no thanks.

so when i saw this jute at joann {again - when am i NOT there?} i thought - i can totally make something with that!

supplies needed:
hurricane {from walmart floral section @ $3.99}
gluegun/gluestick {and in my case a glue plate!}
craft jute {mine was from joann at $4.99 - on sale}
a candle or flowers, depending on your use!

just warm up that hot glue gun and start painting on those lines.

pull the jute tight over the glue and press down for a few seconds. 

keep rolling the hurricane around and around.

since mine was a larger hurricane, i used a candle. {that smells JUST like tyler candles but at a fraction of the price. $3.99. NOT lying, folks. and smells every bit as good!}

and some moss from the craft store. it's probably not fireman approved {eek! my mom will kill me!} but i saw something similar on the beautiful megan's home tour from contented sparrow and had to copy. of course.

and that's that. a beautiful new refurbished hurricane. 

i also saw something similar here and pinned it! 

get your glue guns out! it's time to rock!

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