Monday, November 26, 2012

scenes from life.

a black tie invite for me & my hubby, the "member".

painting, wrapping, shipping, labeling. repeat.

a drive to broken bow, oklahoma.
the wide open spaces were breathtaking. my in laws were kind enough to take the littles in their car on the way there. so the hubbs & i enjoyed a 3 hour drive all to ourselves. i don't know if the scenery was really what made it or the quietness. ahhhh.... it was wonderful.

i am thankful for many things from this past year. this guy. he tops my list.

black friday shopping at the local flea. fiestaware. vintage christmas ornaments {that the hubbs does NOT understand why i bought for $3} and a milk glass pitcher. don't know which find is my favorite.

on our drive out we passed this house about 15 miles outside of paris, tx. it's my house. you don't understand. it's what i dream of when i dream of having a farm some day. so on our way back home j knew i wanted to stop and take a picture... if only for the sake of my wanderlust. the two precious horses were there to greet us. be still my heart.

it's time to get the christmas stuff out! we opted for a fake tree this year. our first fake tree. it felt so wrong. but so right. i now have a candle that burns constantly with the smell of a christmas tree. ahhhh..... hopefully the 20 boxes that came down from the attic on saturday night will promptly be emptied and magically decorate the house & return to the attic. yeah right.

i've started reading a new book. unglued. it's amazing. for anyone who struggles with emotions or communication or barriers or bitterness.... or if you simply think that YOU are a mess... this is the book for you. she's so honest and it's been such a blessing for me. thank you, terri.

sunday our dear friend sarah took our family pics. i love her. she's so stinkin' talented and wonderful with my littles. i can't wait to see how they turned out.

how's your monday? i'm determined to have a glass half full kind of week. are you?

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