Monday, November 19, 2012

what a weekend!

happy monday, friends.

how was your weekend? are you reading this with a hot cup of coffee in your hand? because i'm sure writing it with one right next to me. 

our weekend was PACKED to the brim. thanksgiving stuff. prep for family pictures {because i sure ain't going to the mall after thanksgiving!} a family gathering for c's birthday....

roasting chestnuts for a green bean dish....

gathering supplies for custom orders...


 football... {sic 'em!!!!!!!!}

a sleepover...

and more football.

it was a wonderful weekend but i'm thankful for monday. a slow monday.

that is full of painting and sewing. and maybe a little post office trip and pizza thrown in there.  or maybe i'll make chili. i love chilli. the way it makes my house smell and the comfort it brings eating a big bowl in front of a football game. ahhhh..... that's what i'll do.

do you ever find yourself having to make yourself slow down? as in, literally as you walk to the kitchen from the bedroom, slowing your steps so that mentally you slow down as well? 

that's what i hope today brings. even though i'm swamped in orders. 

have i mentioned that i am terribly grateful for my little side business that has been steady and a tremendous blessing in my life. thankful that the Lord provided an opportunity to make this happen. thankful for YOU all that support it?

remember to enter the little branches giveaway from wednesday! i'll announce the winner today at 5! last chance!

happy monday, friends. SLOW DOWN.

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