Tuesday, November 6, 2012

election day!

today is election day.

and i'm so happy to say that my hubby is running unopposed in this general election so we've been more focused on the other races around us. 

i voted early. two weeks ago early. and being in texas, it's almost guaranteed who our vote will go to as far as the electoral college goes. 

but if there's anything i've learned, now that i'm political savvy and everything, it's that your LOCAL representation is GOING to affect {effect?} YOU! read up on your local candidates before you go vote. vote your values. vote for your family. for those who went before us and were unable to vote. vote because there are so many countries that are oppressed and do not have the right that you do to vote. 

isn't that humbling? when the hubbs & i saw argo, that's all i could think of. that we have the right to vote. that likely, those riots would not happen here. in america. the land of the free & the home of the brave. 

because people have gone before us. fought for us. for our country. our freedom. our rights. 

yes, we will disagree. my hubby & i don't agree on everything. but we have the ability to disagree respectfully. i can respect his opinion {albeit it might be wrong! *wink*} and he can respect mine. 

and regardless of the outcome, tomorrow i will respect those who are serving me. and doing their best to represent me for their term. i will remember that the Lord has placed each of them there. He is in control & i will let that bring me peace & hope & change... not the officeholders themselves. they, after all, are just people.

but, parahprasing something our pastor said on sunday, i will rejoice on wednesday because i serve a King who is King of Kings & Lord of Lords. i serve the One who was not voted in & cannot be voted out. He is the Great I Am. my All in All. 

and that is my victory.

have you voted today? 

do it. 

you'll experience america in all it's glory while you wait in that line. i promise. your love of country will grow unexpectedly. it's worth it.

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  1. umm. . . you are the best! :-) PS didn't realize Jeff was running UNOPPOSED! :-) WOW! :-) Yea! Congrats on winning and it isn't even 7 pm yet! ;-)