Friday, November 9, 2012


whew! it's friday already? this week feel like a blur. a complete blur. and as the holiday season is upon us, i know it's only going to get faster and blurry.

i'm going to make it a point to slow down this next week. i am SO thankful that we have that extra week between thanksgiving and christmas {although thanksgiving is not even really on my radar yet}! i try so hard not to do anything "christmas" before thanksgiving and then we inevitably end up packing it in there.

maybe this extra week will make it feel slower. hmmm.... or maybe i just need to say "no"?? that's a thought.

we have a birthday girl on sunday. my baby girl will be turning two. i took her to toys r us yesterday {mainly to kill time} and she walked really slow & stopped at everything. "oh wowa". her response to everything. she had to stop at every baby doll and pat them. she was really concerned when there was a baby that cried and made this horrible face. i wish i had that on camera.

yesterday we started the two month countdown to 'session.' it makes my heart hurt just thinking about the time that my amazing hubby is going to be away from these babies. we are soaking up every last minute together before he has to leave. i'm excited for him. and nervous. i know that he's going to do great things for our state and i have confidence that he's going to be able to maintain his character, conviction & integrity while doing so. i don't envy him. but i'm proud.

monday was kind of chaotic. i had sixteen of these little minis to get in the mail by 5:00. it was exciting. i have not had that kind of pressure on my in 5 years. {the good kind of pressure - not the campaign kind}. it was an awesome feeling to pack these guys up & feel proud.

and my favorite instagram of the week? it wasn't mine. it was this one! those sixteen minis went up to craft weekend! i am so excited to be a part this month! i hope they enjoy them {and have an awesome time at craft weekend, duh!} happy friday, y'all!

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