Friday, November 2, 2012

it's friday!

happy friday, folks!!!!

how was your week? i cannot believe that is NOVEMBER, can you??? this year has absolutely flown by and now we have entered my very favorite time of the year. and i cannot wait to start baking! maybe i'll start today? hmm.....

last week i enjoyed a real date night with my hubby. it was so nice to be out of the house for an extended amount of time and just be with my love. i love all of our precious friends but sometimes it's nice to just have some one on one time with my bestest friend of all. {aww.....} we went to dinner & a movie. i think it's the first movie we've been to ALL year long. argo. it was ah-mazing. super intense and i HAD to know the ending halfway through the movie so that i could just enjoy it already. it made very very thankful for where we live. for the right to vote. for democracy.

i totally recommend it.

yesterday was a big day for me. it started with a little treat of coffee & a bagel.... and then....

i launched my website.

i am giddy. and excited. i'm continually having to give it up to Him. but i am proud of what i put up yesterday. you can check it out here.

my halloween bumpkins. love them. c's costume was a little ill-fitting but love the way it turned out and love that she keeps asking to wear it. she's a Mess with a capital M. 

found a new favorite color. opi my private jet. will definitely have to buy myself a bottle of this one. move over lincoln park after dark!

i made a new recipe this week. honey & lime chicken enchiladas via pinterest.

they were delish. and easy. and made my kitchen smell like a mexican restaurant. my kind of recipe.

the hubbs took a guys trip with some buddies from high school to d.c. last weekend. they went to surprise a friend for his 30th birthday. what a surprise. 

he brought home a special treat for me. to me, this is NOT a redskins jersey. it's an RGIII jersey. get it right. i know it was a huge sacrifice for the biggest cowboys fan i know to be seen buying this.... let alone letting into his home, but i am loved.  {and the cowboys are THE. WORST. this season}.

while j. was gone, our friends came home from uganda with their babies. many of you have been following their story. we were so super excited to be at the airport for their arrival. not a dry eye in sight. they went from a family of 5 to a family of 7. we are so proud of their journey.

 just like texas. saturday was a freeze warning and today we're in the 80's. no wonder we can't keep anyone's nose dry. 

life rearranged

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