Tuesday, July 19, 2011

bookshelf makeover.

do any of you follow the jones design company blog?

ummm yeah. she's SUPER talented.
{and she has GREAT hair!}

when i first discovered her blog a few months ago, i saw this post.

with this picture of her favorite spot in the house.

{i'm afraid to put it up here for fear of it making my rendition look so dinky!!}

anyway... i have that very same wall in my house {going up the stairs} and i was dying to do the same thing. but the hubby wasn't crazy about it.

so a few weeks ago, i thought of something.

my dark & dreary bookshelf!!

i would love to paint it {or even just the inside of it} a yummy turquoise - but i fear that's a fad and i don't want to participate more than a few 'pops' here & there that are easily replaceable.

so i decided to recreate it like this -

i took out a shelf {it used to have three} so i could add a big lamp.

i'm on the hunt for three globes for the top. {i think i've mentioned before how high our ceilings are - and how that's a grass-is-always-greener-on-the-other-side thing.}

and i don't have any idea what to put in that green polka dot container. {my mom won it at pokeno - but it doesn't fit with the decor in her house... so she gave it to me! thanks mom!} i'm open to suggestions, friends!

he still isn't crazy about it. he might even think it's a bit bizarre... but hey - it did the trick... to lighten up my dark and too formal for me bookshelf.

all it took was an old mary higgins clark book & some double sided tape. {notice it's not perfect - but i actually LOVE that about it.}

anyway - that's my latest fun project around the house - although i've been working on some sewing stuff too... which is always hit or miss for me! i will say that i sewed my first dress for myself. and i'm even wearing it! plus - i made this little pillowcase dress for my lil' miss that matched. {that she promptly 'exploded' on while we were driving to church sunday... can i just say that there is something about the way she sits in that car seat that must make it just right for her..... tmi?}

hope you're having a fantastic week!

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