Thursday, July 14, 2011

project life. nkotbsb edition.

i'm gonna be honest.
i was sorta disappointed with how this week turned out.


but it's thursday - so that means project life over here, right? 

granted - i did {and still do} have plans to put one of those long journalers in here with the text from my tmi blog post. and more nkotbsb pics on the back. and maybe once i do that {if i do that} then it will live up to my expectations.

until then - it's just kinda... blah. 
in my opinion. 

but hey - it is my project so i can say it's blah, right?

and - i missed getting my pictures developed this week. argh.

so i have to wait until next week to finish the last two weeks. double argh.

oh well. i'll be sure to update if i DO mess with this week to get it to live up to all of my hype.

i just feel like the concert & the week were so exciting - and it doesn't FEEL like that on this page.

you get it right??

happy thursday.

can't wait for friday! it's been an insane week at the leach house. ready for the weekend. woot woot!

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