Friday, July 8, 2011



i heart fridays. 

who doesn't love fridays? with all of the hope & promise of the weekend to come? 

that's right - us mommas have big hopes for weekends too! 

and today is a great friday because i got myself out of bed early enough to go on a jog before the hubbs left for work. {actually - it's more like - the hubbs was at home late because he was taking georgia to the vet}. either way. this momma got some much needed cardio in before the day even began!

and now it's nap time. and my laundry's done and - get this - folded! wooohooo. 

so, i'm taking some time with my google reader before getting a bit crafty. 

this will be the first day in a LONG time that the littles and i have stayed home all. day. long. we didn't go to the pool this a.m. we turned down a very tempting offer from sweet friends this afternoon. and it's actually really nice.  

{wednesday morning b. was begging to go to the pool so instead of fighting that battle, i gave in. after a 30 minute process of making lunches/chaning clothes/getting sand buckets we headed down to the pool that was YUCKY. it's normally great. clean & quiet. but not on wednesday. i won't go into details - because it still gives me the heebie jeebies - but needess to say we weren't there long & i promptly gave the kids a bath when we got home. }

okay - so onto the bonus project life layout! yay!

{you'll notice - i was so excited that i got two weeks done in one sitting that i forgot to put the date on it!}

i journaled way less this week than i have done in the past. 

may go back - eventually - and add some more commentary.

especially about the soccer game & harper's birthday.

and c's first dip in the pool. and the arrington girls' party at the mall. {again - an iPhone photo!}

i can't wait for the hubbs to come home.

my mouth is already watering.

and maybe {just maybe} we'll put the littles down early before we eat and we can have a makeshift date night with our sliders & highly anticipated friday night lights. {and dateline. if we stay up that late.}

do you watch fnl? let me tell you folks, you are missing out. 

watch out for coach taylor. he might be a tad bit good looking.
{and the hubby doesn't mind me saying so. he gets it. plus - he thinks coach's wife is hot. don't worry -  i get that too.}

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