Sunday, July 17, 2011

i heart burlap.

so. my mantel has been bugging me for quite. some. time.

as in - since we moved in and put the t.v. above it.

in our old little shoebox duplex {which i love & miss} that had so much character, i loved my mantel. it was heavy & chunky. even though it was a fake fireplace. it still fit. and i loved decorating it with everything i could come up with.

but ever since we moved into this house... a huge answer to prayer about two years ago, i might add... we had to put our t.v. above the mantel according to the hubby.

so this severely limits my decorating capability.

plus we have a two story space - so it makes it hugely out of proportion and the space above the t.v. drives me bonkers. literally.

and i know the hubbs gets a kick out of me trying something new up there almost every week. i don't know about you - but i have to live with something for a few days to decide if i really like it or not.

anyway, i digress.

so - a few weeks ago - through pinterest {do you know what pinterest is?!?} i discovered an awesome blog - that i think i was probably the last to discover.

even the name is cool.

and when i saw this set up - i had to try it.

so i followed her tutorial on the burlap garland. mine was WAY smaller... and i used THREE yards of burlap. it did only take an hour or so to cute/thread/put up the garland - which is SO my kind of project.

i LOVE how the burlap turned out. i do, i do. i promise.

but i don't know about the mantel as a whole.

i love the look in her picture... and i tend to be a 'bigger is better' personaltity {that's what she said - sorry, it was just too good} but is it too much for my dinky mantel? maybe i need to add that braided garland in there to offset? hmm.....

anyway. i wish i could find MORE uses for burlap. other than the itch that comes with it... i LOVED working with it - and LOVED how it twisted on this twine!!!

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