Friday, July 15, 2011

week in review.

this week has been jam packed.

with play dates. projects. meals. laundry. work. work. and more work. {for jeff - anyway.}

on monday morning we went to jack carter with stella & pierce. {and miss joanna, of course!!!}

the boys had fun playing on some odd cement square that has been there forever {wondering what it's covering up?} and running around. skipping. {or so they said.}

love this picture of b. {below}

he's literally off the ground.

monday afternoon we made smoothies. 

i totally made fun of my dad for getting for me. but - i use it. especially in the summer.

it's perfect for smoothies. really.

and b. likes to pick out his own fruit. 

this time it was pineapple. blueberries. raspberries & black berries. 

with a splash of apple juice.

{it was yummy - but if you have a smoothie recipe - please share! i'd love to try something new!}

charlotte's been wearing "big girl" bows. 

{i.e., bows without a headband.}

she was NEVER a fan of the headband. always took it off. 

but these little bows don't bother her in the least. 

{this one is courtesy of miss kate. we love you, miss kate!! PS. where'd you get these? they're so cute!}

friday we went to the stonebridge beach club with riley & miss amanda.

we're going to the beach later this summer - and he was talking about all the stuff we were going to do there. so i had to explain to him - this is a "little" beach - and we're going to the big beach with mimi & papa. 

but when we got there, he shouted: "mommy, this is the biggest. beach. ever!!!"

so cute!

miss amanda looks good with a baby in her arms. doesn't she? {wink!}

riley & b. practiced the "baywatch run" {or - that's what i called it..}

leaving their noodles in the water and running from the top of the sand to the pool and jumping on their noodles. 

{here's the baywatch run...}

i love full weeks like this - but it also makes me long for a quiet weekend. 

or a quiet week next week.

happy friday - and happy weekend.

oh - and P.S.

tonight, jeff & i will say good bye to friday night lights. 

i know that i'm going to be boo-hooing. as silly as it might sound. 

i normally get sports tears every week. but this week i have a feeling it's gonna be more than that. 

i can't believe it's over. 

and kelly over at fabulous k posted on her facebook that espn classic is replaying EVERY episode starting with season one. 

we still haven't seen season two so we WILL be recording that!!! 

those of you who have direct tv. and have seen the last episode - no spoilers please!

even if you weren't into fnl - PLEASE watch tonight! i know it's going to be awesome. you'll be sad that you've never watched before & run out to get season one! i promise!!!

that's all.

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